Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Importance of Annual Employee Drug Testing for Businesses

Drug testing your employees is not only a mandatory requirement, but also company policy to which many businesses follow. The need to have a drug test is to prevent the increase of accidents as well as low in productivity. Drug testing is an important factor which company owners need to adhere especially that it affects production and in providing services. This activity obliges personnel, new and/or old, to take a drug test. Usually, employees are required to present their urine samples for screening but there are also those which need hair, blood, sweat and even saliva samples. Some people do not understand the concept of having to undergo drug testing and other businesses don’t practice this at all.

The growing importance is enough of an explanation. As far as where medical needs stretch, the test is limited to those that can present legal papers for proof. But there’s still another procedure for that to confirm when the result comes in positive. Even then, getting your employees test for a yearly or even a quarterly drug test is beneficial for you and your people. Why so?


Drug abuse is one of the common problems in a workplace aside from taking it as a medication. This type of illegal substances can impair a person’s senses, such as his or her physical capability as well as the mental state. When that happens, how do you expect them to reach a certain level of productivity when they are not consistent with what they are doing? Even if you’re earning 70% of your capital, once it is affected just because you didn’t know one of your workers is taking illegal drugs, your profit will basically go down. Applying the test into your business will let you know who these users are and you can promote a much safer and productive floor for your company.