Sunday, July 30, 2017

Automatic Gate Opener: How To Choose

Mighty Mule 350


MIGHTY MULE 350 was designed to be used along with the Sentry 300 S model. The gate opener unit comes in black color. The Sentry 300 S has to be installed first to use the Sentry 300 D for the double swing gate. Separate batteries are not required for the unit to function as it is connected to the Sentry 300 S, which has already been installed onto a single swing gate.


  • Some of the features that were seen in the Sentry 300 S can be seen in the MIGHTY MULE 350 as well. Though there are very few exceptions, like for instance the battery requirements. The complete Sentry 300 D kit does not include the battery and does not need them. The Sentry 300 D is added to the gates to which the Sentry 300 S is already installed to make the swinging action of both the doors efficient.
  • This electric opener derives the power from the 12 volt DC battery and the AC transformer that is included in the Sentry 300 S. This way, the Sentry 300 D can be fixed to the double gates of farm gates of 20 feet length. It can also be attached to wood paneled gates without any fear of damage to the gates.
  • The complete package of MIGHTY MULE 350 consists of a watertight junction box, wire nuts for connection and a controlling kit. A 50’ cable is present to connect to the Sentry 300 S and a linear actuator that can be coupled along with the linear actuator of the Sentry 300 S. All the mounting hardware units required for the safe installation of the gate opener to the gates are included in the package.


The manufacturer provides a warranty of 3 years for the Sentry 300 D and covers the replacement and the repair of the defective components in the gate opener. An extended 7-year warranty can be availed on the device from the manufacturer; wherein you have to pay a minimal amount for the replacement or repair of the defective components.
  • Watertight control box keeps the wiring away from water contact
  • Commercial grade dual gate opener
  • Wireless keypad facility on request
  • Dual swing door opening becomes easy
  • Does not come with a solar power panel and needs to be purchased separately.

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